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Five Element Arts . The Kitchen Witch Chronicles



There is an emanation from the heart in genuine hospitality

which cannot be described but is immediately felt,

and puts the stranger at once at his ease.

Washington Irving


January 2017 B – Thank you for coming to my page. I have big plans to combine the types and styles of posts that I had on Facebook which included sewing, traditional clothing of the world, needlework, cooking and facts about the toxins in foods, household products and personal care items. Also, expect information on organic gardening.

With February in sight, now is the time to plan your vegetable garden.

As a proud geek I find it exasperating trying to fix this website. I may dismantle the whole package and reemerge fresh with spring.

Whatever the changes to come, this address, http://5ElementArts.com will remain the same.
Thank you for your patience. Lisa

January 2017 – Welcome to my website. It is a work in progress as I delete the various pages that I ran on Facebook. Each page will be represented here as I continue sharing information, photographs and thoughts.

I appreciate your patience for:

Five Element Arts . The Kitchen Witch Chronicles
Five Element Arts . Pure Skin Care
Five Element Arts . Endoelle
Five Element Arts . Lau Lau
Five Element Arts . Mean Woman Blue Eyes

Thank you so much! Lisa

May 2016 – I spent last Memorial Day Weekend in the hospital with Pneumonia. Almost a year since and I am still regaining strength.

Much of the last year I have been propped up with a laptop and Ancestry.com.

I had decided the time was right to begin our family genealogy. At times I spend ten or fourteen hours a day reviewing data to build a cast of thousands. Literally. Thousands of names and hundreds of years back in time.

I am in need of website repair and updating and my lack of posts have been the result of my inability to understand the inner workings of my pages.

Please be patient as I embark on a trip through my family history beginning in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

February 24, 2015 Update:

We have had an old fashioned Maine winter, this season. More snow than we have worried about in recent history.

My 91 year old mother says we have never had a winter like this.

Especially worrying are the ice dams on our roofs. The large diameter of the icicles climbing down from the roofs  put the fear of leaks in every Mainer’s mind.

Staying warm is an actual chore.

Lugging wood up to the wood stove, and feeding it on a regular schedule, is my job because I am home.

After weeks of waking up in the middle of the night to add wood to the stove before the coals die, I find myself unable to wake up and by morning the house is cold. Once the heat is out of the stove you must start fresh with kindling and patience.

It is definitely better to pace the house with the ghosts in the middle of the night.


December 12, 2014 Update:

Thank you to the Marshwood Holiday Fair and SoBo’s WHAS Women’s Holiday Art Sale.

I enjoyed having booths at both events and meeting new friends.

Sales were low, so I have plenty of products on hand, packaged and ready for the holiday.


Most products now have a Qr code which can be scanned by a cell phone that will take you directly to a page for that product.

This is still in production, so please bear with me if there is no information about a product.


Thank you to my Three Graces women, and an honorary Grace, and my men. Love you all. Couldn’t do this without you.



July 21, 2014 – Ten weeks until my first showing of 2014 at the Eliot Festival Days Fair! Still trying to pull it all together! I have so much to tell you!

March 30, 2014 – Still trying to get all my pages, sites and products up for view…

September 13, 2013 – The past month has been very productive. Eliot Festival Days’ fair is in two weeks and I still have organic oils on their way to my doorstep.

The big news for Five Element Arts . Pure Skin Care – Organic!

Most products are currently being made organic or will be with the coming batches. Now the labels will reflect the organic status of products from lip balms, facial oils and skin balms.

Some products cannot be labeled organic. Mostly due to Shea Nut Oil and Kukui Nut Oil. They are so beneficial to the skin that I will continue to use them.

Much to do before the fair and only two hands. Please send positive thoughts my way.


August 5, 2013 – The heat has broken and beautiful summer days in Maine are back.The Morning Glories are reaching for the balcony, Luke is back to running like any dog should and I am working towards vending a show here in town.

The last Saturday in September/ 09/28/2013, Eliot Festival Days.

This will be my first show vending my Pure Skin Care products. More information to come.


July 1st 2013 – Summer has come to Maine and I am harvesting herbs and flowers for use in my Pure Skin Care products.

Daisies, Chamomile, Plantain, Chickweed, Comfrey, Elderflowers…

Luke is recovering, but he needs rest and to gain some weight.





June 2013 – My friend, Luke, my Cairn Terrier, has been having health problems since having his Rabies shot a couple of months ago. He has a terrible bald spots on his back and under his legs. I have been soothing his naked skin with a salve of Luke’s choice. He didn’t want Five Herb Salve. He wanted my Eczema Cream; a combination of Calendula and Chickweed; and when I ask him if he wants ‘medicine’ he comes to  me, lays down, and lifts a leg to expose his irritated skin.

I continue with spring cleaning, and caring for Luke while trying to continue the business.

Not all products have made it to Etsy as yet, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact me.

Summer’s choice of production has been reduced due to the delay. Until Luke is well and the house is clean top to bottom I will hold off on creating salves and balms.

My plan is to focus on Organic Sweet Almond Oil based salves macerated with Calendula, Chamomile, Clary Sage and Lavender.

I will also have liquid Sweet Almond Oil products. I have not added liquid products to my Pure Skin Care Etsy Shop as I have not finalized the shipping manner necessary to deliver liquid products safely.



May 2013 – I have 10 products available through my Pure Skin Care Etsy Shop.

Pages and posts from this site will be evaluated for duplication in my Shop.

Pure Skin Care began as a blog project idea, for this Five Element Arts website, that has turned into a business of its own.

I will go on to use the skills I learned in photographing my products to photograph items that I find interesting, such as the shell pin I will feature soon.

I hope you check out my Pure Skin Care Etsy site or Facebook page for more information on natural skin care. Links for both are available in the sidebar.



April 2013 – After careful consideration I have decided to remove my pure skin care products from this website.

Five Element Arts . Pure Skin Care products will be available from my Etsy shop and this website will return to it’s original,

Five Element Arts . The Kitchen Witch Chronicles.

I will inform you of the new location as soon as I have the Etsy site populated.

Until then, this site will continue as is.

04/12/2013 All current and future products for purchase can now be found on my FiveElementArts Etsy site.

The Kitchen Witch Chronicles and Five Element Arts . Pure Skin Care

Positive Intention and Blessings

are imparted throughout the process

of creating

my Kitchen Witch Crafted Skin Care Products.

Infused by the heat of the Sun and the glow of the Moon,

each product is personally handled

from invention through creation to the final labeling.

“Crafting skin care products

from organic oils, herbs and Bees wax

is a study in relearning what our grand mothers knew.” lel













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